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We Believe

By designRoom | July 17, 2022


What does a company's value statement really mean to the people working within the company, and how do those values impact the client? In our four-part value series, we'll be talking about our values and how they're reflected in the work we do. In our previous two posts, we showed how we open eyes and what commitment means to us. Now, in part three, we're talking about believing.

A value that lays the foundation.

We believe in the people we work WITH and FOR.


It makes our work worth doing.

Graphic Designer Anna Richard claims that belief is a double-sided value: On one side, we have the confidence in ourselves and our team to get the work done at the highest possible quality. On the other, that sense of trust extends to the client-we trust they're doing their best work, and that inspires us to do ours.


We share the same drive.

Of working in behavioral health, Creative Director Chad Gordon says, "We help people who help people." It's the underlying drive of each person on the team-not the goal we work toward, but the foundation that allows us to meet the goals we set ourselves.

Belief is also the value that informs all the others. "It's a more emotional value," he says. "It makes us appreciate the talent all of us bring to the team, and trust we'll each do whatever it takes to get the job done well."


Trust means quality.

Project Manager Matt Farrell says belief is a value that's been hard-won. Drilling down into a niche and focusing on behavioral health has lent itself to attracting clients with whom we can develop a firm sense of trust.

Within the team itself, belief in one another means the work gets completed to the best of everyone's ability and with efficiency. "Without believing in each other," he says, "the work would suffer. It wouldn't be aligned to what the client is looking for and it would be more difficult to help them meet their goals."


We're here for a reason.

According to Shaun Culbertson, Digital Design Director, keeping an eye on the bigger picture motivates everyone to do their best work. "Our clients directly help people who are in need of help, who feel they've been let down by society. It's our mission to work for organizations whose purpose is to help those in need."

Belief is also earned by the strength and dedication of the team. "We've all worked together so long you know that each of us has a reason for being here. It's easy to believe in each other knowing we're all here for a reason."


It's about faith.

"I care about what's important to our clients," CEO & Founder Kelly Farrell says, "as artists, professionals, and experts in their industry. Who they are, what they do, what they stand for."

She has ample faith in her employees, not just that they can do the job to the highest quality it can be done, but that each person on the team cares about the work we do. "If all of us are together in a room, we can come up with what we need to for the client. I get that from trusting in our team, and I'm honored to be around people who are that committed."

Next time, we'll reach the final part of our series, where we talk about what it means to be scrappy, nimble, collaborative, resourceful, and genuine.

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