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What We Do

At designRoom, we’re driven to solve brand problems for organizations that serve and support people. We’re passionate about using creativity to drive brand growth. We encourage collaboration and embrace curiosity for the betterment of moving brands forward.


Behavioral Healthcare Branding, Assessments & More

There is a process, and a natural flow, to the way we build a healthy brand. As we work through each phase, with clients closely involved, change happens. A renewed sense of organizational identity, unity, and mission emerges. Clients take this journey with us and end up in a better place, with a brand that looks right, feels right, and encourages growth.


Brand Assessment

Healthy branding starts with an assessment, which reveals key insights and becomes the basis for a brand positioning. To get there, we ask questions, we listen, and we learn. This can include a variety of qualitative and quantitative research. We assess the existing visual brand and primary messaging, along with culture, history, environment, and audience. The information we mine in assessment becomes the foundation of all branding work.

Brand Build

Assessment leads to the big ideas and the concepts clients see as we build the brand. Along the way, clients will see sample logo boards, primary messaging and copy examples, and concept sketches. Approved concepts for brand components are then moved to final design, which includes brand colors, typefaces, image strategies, tone of voice, website design, and brand usage guidelines. Deliverable components will depend on the scope of the project.


Brand Launch

Your healthy brand is launched into the world. No two brands are the same, but every new brand needs a launch plan. An effective brand launch includes a timeline for a phased roll-out, key messaging and imagery, a media plan, signage, and events.

Brand Growth

A healthy brand will grow. Here are a few things we have done to help client brands: ad campaigns; PR campaigns; marketing campaigns for new services, products, and facilities; annual reports; brand videos; and email marketing.

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