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Behavioral Health Refresh Success Story


Branding Challenge

As drug addiction and overdoses continue to rise at unrelenting rates, treatment providers are at the forefront of this national crisis. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals, or NAATP, brings them all together, ensuring they share best practices, develop standards, and advocate for new policies and funding that can lead to real change.

While NAATP has been an effective forum for some time, the brand was outdated. Members questioned if the organization had lost its pulse within the rapidly changing industry.

With new leadership in place, NAATP was poised for a rebrand. Having met designRoom at an addiction industry conference and knowing our work in the behavioral health space, they selected us as the new brand guardian.

Branding Insight

In addition to having in-depth conversations with NAATP’s new executive director about his vision, we conducted a brand assessment by surveying NAATP board members, association members, and referring providers.

Their perceptions aligned with NAATP’s suspicions; the brand was lackluster when it needed to be innovative and inspiring.


Branding Solution

We used the brand assessment to develop a modern logo and supportive tagline. The logo includes a hexagon icon made up of three distinctly-colored sections of mini triangles that represent the organization’s three core services: Voice, Vision, and Leadership.

The new logo also emphasizes National Association at the top of the design. Since NAATP was known by their acronym only, we spelled out the full name to reinforce their national presence and create awareness about who they are and what they do, which is especially important for new addiction treatment providers entering the field.

The new tagline, VOICE. VISION. LEADERSHIP., speaks directly to NAATP’s value and aligns with the meaning behind the icon we created for the logo. We knew it was important to emphasize the organization’s contributions both visually and through messaging. The message matches the mark; the mark matches the message.

Finally, the purple, orange, and grey color palette conveys strength and stability, and it’s distinct from other industry brands.

Branding Impact

NAATP unveiled the new brand at a conference in 2016 and was met with praise from members, board members, and influencers across the industry.

In addition to getting a healthier brand, NAATP now has a solid brand partner whenever they need us.

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“This was an important representation of our shift in leadership and strategy. At first, our board members wondered how expensive a rebrand would be, but their doubts were put to rest as soon as they saw the production value. People were so impressed and really embraced it."

- Marvin Ventrell, Executive Director, NAATP

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