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Retail Company Branding Success Story

Branding Challenge

Out with the old and in with the new.


When new ownership takes the reigns of a company, they’re quick to get rid of the baggage that accompanies their recent purchase. This wasn’t the case for Ohio Travel Bag’s (OTB) new leader. He loved the 100-year young company’s heritage, client service, and product knowledge, but believed a rebrand was necessary to carry the company into the future.


Fortunately, he wanted to go about the process in the smartest way possible, using data to piece together a new brand story. Having worked with designRoom before, he knew we would be the perfect fit for the project.

Branding Insight

OTB already hired a consulting firm that did a lot of the research legwork. So, we conducted a brief brand assessment, which consists of internal interviews with team members to gather insight into the company’s history and strengths.


Based on our analysis of the research, OTB didn’t need a complete brand overhaul. The name had plenty of equity. However, we identified keywords or themes – “Heritage,” “Above and beyond,” “Real deal” and “Midwestern” – that needed to be the new cornerstones of our creative work.

Branding Solution

We collaborated closely with the internal team to develop the new logo, tagline, and color palette, asking for their feedback on every iteration.


The new logo combines the OTB moniker the company is known by with a buckle (one of their most popular products) design. It’s a modern, streamlined mark with connotations of security and support.


The tagline, Every Little Thing, stresses the company’s detail-oriented approach and ability to source anything their customers need.

“This wasn’t just about getting a new logo, it’s about getting everyone here bought into who we are, what we do and how we do it. That leads to real transformation.”


Michael Fox, President, Owner of OTB

Branding Impact

OTB loves the new look and positioning. They’re also proud to carry some of the old “baggage” with them into the future.


In addition to a revamped brand identity, there was an even bigger benefit realized by the company’s new owner.

“I trust them with my brand. I trust them with my marketing business. They will not steer you wrong. They will ensure everything is on point moving forward.”

Lauren Byers, Vice President, MarshBerry

"Our client base increased. Our staff base increased. Our reputation and notoriety in the industry increased. The branding has lifted us up to be very confident.”

Denise Corbisiero, COO, Integrity Billing

“We trust them as true professionals who really understand the process that’s required to do things right.”

Carole Boye, CEO, Community Alliance

“They really bring in the heart behind the message. They tell the story in ways that are compelling. They’re really creative and that matters.”

Anthony Guido, VP of Communications & Marketing, Cohen Veterans Network

“…we really felt that they understood what we wanted to accomplish. They listened to us instead of puking their process on us.”

Laura Bren, President, Deeley Insurance Group

“Loved the process – we got so much more than a new logo; helped us unite around a common mission and language.”

Travis Pearson, CEO, Endeavors

“This input helped us work better together as a team. The whole brand refresh process was a wonderful team building opportunity.”

Matthew Wolf, Vice President, Seabrook

“We never had the production value in terms of the presentation/signage – the quality was new and impressive and people really embraced it.”

Marvin Ventrell, Executive Director, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

“Take the time to let designRoom get to know you. It is amazing that they get to the core of who you are…”

Jonathan Lee, President & CEO, Signature Health, Inc.

“They became much more like partners deeply embedded inside our business.”

Travis Mlakar, President, Millcraft Paper

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