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Brand Reveal at NAATP Conference

By Kelly Farrell | May 26, 2016


Kimberly and I just returned from The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Leadership Conference in Ft Lauderdale. From the moment we arrived Executive Director, Marvin Ventrell, and his staff treated Kimberly and I like family.

We have been working with NAATP for the past six months to help re-brand the organization. The new brand reveal was dripped out online over several weeks prior to the Conference. It was smart, strategic, and simple. At the conference the new brand was all around us — signage, printed materials, lanyards, pens, and cups. It was stunning to see.

Marvin asked if Kimberly and I would be attending his opening keynote talk in the evening. Of course we were. So Marvin talked about all the changes the organization has gone through over the past year, their new strategic plan, the outcomes study, the revised marketing ethics guidelines, a new website that includes a membership directory, and last but not least, the brand redesign. He actually talked about designRoom Creative, and I got to stand up and be recognized! What an honor!

Marvin referred to the new brand design and the new brand position as contemporary, progressive and having energy – he kept referring to membership as “The Professional Society.” That resonated with me. What he was saying was, if you really want to be in this room — in this society — believe in what this organization stands for and where we are headed and you will be part of something special.

In addition to being recognized for the brand redesign, I had the opportunity to speak on Organizational Branding. I gave a 30- minute talk on the key components to a healthy brand. I also shared a few examples of branding work. I had a packed house! The attendees gave me amazing responses and asked great questions.

Of course, we also had our Healthy Brand booth on the trade show floor. We met the most amazing people. I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be serving this industry. The work that these people do is incredible.

So after all of this, the big question was, “what does the CUBE mean in the National Association for Addiction Treatment Providers logo?” Stay tuned for the answer in my next blog!

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